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The GoblinZ studio team is proud to present you the progress we’ve made on Robothorium during the last months. Good news, we have a new robot, let me present you the L.A.D.Y!!!

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Hi everyone, the pre order version of Robothoirum is up!

The GoblinZ studio team is proud to present you the progress we’ve made on Robothorium during the last months.

You can pre-order Robothorium and have access to the new Beta version right here!

And don’t forget to come on our Discord if you want to have access to our special giveaway, open beta weekends and devlogs: Discord !


  • New character: L.A.D.Y


  • Improved tutorials
  • Better animation to display damage and effects
  • Improve filters in inventory
  • Add tooltip for improved regeneration in talents
  • Add icon for improved critical hit
  • Add notifications for craft
  • Add mission location
  • Add missing death dialogue
  • Add critical hit dialogue
  • Improved minimap
  • Improved world map
  • Craft recipes now disappear from the inventory when activated
  • Robots bought in the Hangar have now a common weapon equiped
  • Damage preview is now affected by bonuses and maluses
  • Ennemis thoriumeter can now be seen in pvp
  • Add tooltip on reforged items

Bug fixes

  • Fixed S.C.O.U.T ulti
  • Fixed overload animation
  • Fixed stun rate on shockwave
  • Fixed W.A.R talents
  • Fixed objectives in second mission
  • Fixed action recap
  • Fixed robot price and level in Hangar
  • Fixed object selling in Black Market
  • Fixed Demonstration
  • Fixed Craft
  • Fixed alert status
  • Fixed objective assets in third mission
  • Fixed overload status
  • Fixed inventory tooltip
  • Fixed inventory filters
  • Fixed Goliath in fourth mission
  • Fixed choices dialogues
  • Fixed W.A.R. Intimidation Burst
  • Fixed bug exploit on new robot acquisition
  • Fixed Z.E.R.K.E.R Inhibitor fx
  • Fixed Communication mob skill description
  • Fixed Agent Sacrifice spell
  • Fixed overload trap effect
  • Fixed loot after mission 1 sarah
  • Fixed over on robots in pvp
  • Fixed objective dialogues
  • Fixed cyberog stalker spell
  • Fixed Alarm
  • Fixed Z.E.R.K.E.R. Plasmic wave

That’s all for now. We will be back soon to share with you our progression on Robothorium.

Please share any questions, feedback or thoughts in the comments, we really love to hear from you.

The Goblinz Team

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