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Hi everyone, the new pre order version of Robothoirum is up! The GoblinZ studio team is proud to present you the progress we've made on Robothorium during the last months.

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Hi everyone, the pre order version of Robothoirum is up!

The GoblinZ studio team is proud to present you the progress we've made on Robothorium during the last months.

You can pre-order Robothorium and have access to the new Beta version right here

And don't forget to come on our Discord if you want to have access to our special giveaway, open beta weekends and devlogs: Discord

Patch note 0.6.0

  • New robot added: The S.C.O.U.T. is here!Scoutindiedb

  • Features


    Historic in exploration for actions done

    Factions bonuses added in the faction window

    Reputation ranks added

    Talents added for each robots

    New rescue missions to recruit new robots

    New SFX for exploration and fights

    Better AI / skill selection for the enemies

  • ImprovementsImpro

    More items for your robots

    Ultimates are now displayed in fighter details window (right click / Y in fight)

    Improved items comparison in equipment scene

    Enemies now have their own basic attack

    Improved item tooltips

    Improved visual feedback in main menu

    Overload now additionaly reduces Resistance to 0 for robots and enemies

    Improves skills purchase window

    Bosses are now immune to Corrosion

    Damage mitigation from Resistance is now displayed in the attribute tooltip as well as in the attributes grid in fighter details window

    The fight is now paused when you open the fighter details window

    Improved visual and sound feedbacks when a robot levels up

    Tutorial for talents and skills purchase added

    Improved notification tooltips

    You can now skip the introduction sequence with escape or the X button

    Robots now turn back when moving to the left in exploration

    New locked feedback and notifications for sectors in exploration

    Robots recruited aren't level 1 anymore

    Add feedbacks on robot level up

  • Bug fixes

    Lots of UI polishing

    Fixed an issue with the W.A.R. ultimate freezing the fight

    Many fixes with the new goal validation elements freezing the exploration

    Fixed an issue freezing the fight after hitting a policeman who was protecting another enemy

    Fixed an issue with reputation won towards Humanobots after an action

    Fixed an issue with anti clic spam on interactive elements

    Fixed an issue with Invulnerable Status when using the R.I.O.T.'s ultimate

    Fixed an issue where Cybergoliath didn't have arms in the fighter details window

    Taunt is now correctly applied. Enemies can only use solo-targeting spells

    Fixed an issue causing decorations and elements to be in the same spot in exploration

    Fixed an issue with projectiles bouncing on dead enemies

    Fixed several issues with the notifications system in exploration

    Fixed issues with Cybergoliath's skills. The correct amount of damage is now dealt

    Fixed an issue with patroller's animation in exploration

    Fixed an issue with Enhanced regeneration. The correct amount of Shield is now recovered

    Fixed an issue with drops displayed in the end of fight window

That’s all for now. We will be back soon to share with you our progression on Robothorium.

Please share any questions, feedback or thoughts in the comments, we really love to hear from you.

The Goblinz Team

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