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Here's a progress report as of the date 6/8/2017. I also have some live-stream announcements.

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Damn, that was quite the vacation.
Lots of relaxation and pondering were made during that week.

Anyways, I'm ready to continue my work.
And what better way for me to continue than with some live-streams?
Yes, I have done a few live-streams as of my return.
Naturally, it only makes sense for me to recap on the live-streams both prior and after my vacation.BlogCurrent

Surprisingly, I did a fair portion of my work off camera.
This makes sense when you understand the difficulties of reentry.
I had to get back into the swing of things, and I felt somewhat drowsy in my return;
thus, I decided not to start a live-stream.
Oh well. All work is the same in the end despite the benefit of documentation.

Here's a few easy items of interest that have been accomplished;
they were trivial or easily implemented.
I implemented a water effect, a slope, Xbox control support (surprisingly easy to implement), and a few tiny tweaks for debugging.

There were a few largely difficult features to implement though.
Some notable examples include a box generator for the item-menu, a weapon-slot selector, and an initiated, half-baked, save-array.

The item-menu was quite difficult to offset.
Various boxes had to be reconfigured through a process of guess-and-check and eyeballing;
furthermore, the item-slot was an arithmetic abomination.
Even numbers, odd numbers, algorithms, and functions buzzed around my mind,
yet confusions about the most efficient method still blinded me.
In the end, I came out with a respectable organizer that works to a n'th term (works with any amount of items).

The last implementation was a dip in the water: the save-array.
As always, implementing a rigorous, flexible saving-system is excruciatingly tedious.
Dear lord, the amount of possible systematic failures is absurd!
The countless things that can go wrong include long-term writing errors; crumbs of reading errors; multiple, maddening item-id selection; and so much more.
Needless to say, I simply got my toes wet with the material,
and I plan on returning to it much later.

Well, that's all the major implementations.

I also have some live-streams coming up.
I'm gonna be re-drawing some scenes from Ghbili films for some practice.
I'm also planning on a character-design live-stream for practice as well.
I've got quite a bit of items on the list, and I've got a lot of summer time.

See ya.



Good article! Keep going. Like this.

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