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A new game mode is just one of an insane number of improvements unlike anything you've seen in Robocraft! Too much awesome to describe in a summary! Watch the trailer and read the notes inside!

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> Game Mode – Completely new core game mode to make Robocraft feel like a ‘new game’ with deeper gameplay mechanics and greater levels of team strategy
> Respawning – Respawn times start short and get longer as the battle progresses (Based on the battle duration and your Overclock Level)
> Protonium Reactor – Destroy the lattice of Protonium Crystals to destroy the enemy’s reactor to win
> Overclocker – Available from Tier 2 upwards in the new Battle Mode. Power-up your Robot within a battle
> Overclock Level – Level up by earning ‘Clock Cycles’ by damaging, killing, healing, capturing towers, scouting, spotting, getting assists and destroying Protonium
> Fusion Shield – Available from Tier 3, protects the allied Protonium Reactor, allies heal inside the shield, enemies cannot shoot through it
> Fusion Towers – Available from Tier 4, capture all 4 Fusion Towers to take down the enemy Fusion Shield


W> e have retained the previous Battle Mode but renamed it ‘Classic Mode’
> Challenge Mode and Megaboss Mode also stay
> TX-1 Megabots do not yet feature in the new mode (we have some amazing plans for how these fit into the new mode that we will begin working on as soon as this launch is completed)
> Enemy HUD updated to show the robot class, Overclock level and health
> Player list HUD updated to show the health, robot class, respawn time and username of all allies and enemies in the battle
> New tutorial HUD UI teaching each new meta mechanic as you play through each Tier
> New voice over engine telling you when key events are happening in battle, when your towers/reactor are being attacked, when enemies have been spotted
> New recorded voice overs balanced and improved for spotting and leveled off vs. new Voice
> New Overclocker HUD showing your robot’s health and Overclock level at all times as well as your progress towards the next Overclock level
> All maps updated to included strategically placed Fusion Towers and to incorporate the Fusion Shields and Protonium Reactors
> New enter battle dialogue with a huge new battle mode button on it
> New voice over calling out the names of the maps at the end of the countdown
> Battle mode rewards set to earn an equal amount to Classic Mode of the same duration, but often will give increased rewards
> You now get separate bonus rewards and Clock Cycles from Scouting and Spotting independently. Earn Scout by detecting your enemies with the Enemy Radar and earn Spot for when you mark them with ‘Q’.
> Heal and Damage CPU bonuses have been split on rewards screen
> Kill Assist and Heal Assist have been split on rewards screen, Heal Assist has been renamed
> Baked global illumination lighting added to all maps providing environmental shadows at lowest graphics settings without loss of framerate and improving the look of the environment at highest graphics settings
> Stat description dialogue when hovering over cubes in the Inventory, Cube Depot and Tech Tree screens is much larger now containing many more relevant stats associated with the cubes
> Cube stats are now taken from the cloud so are always up to date and accurate
> Plasma Damage model improved, now based off of a value known as ‘Barrier Protection’ which defines how much of the damage is ‘passed through’ to the Chassis underneath when a functional component is hit
> Barrier Protection stats are shown on all cubes
> Rail and Tesla damage model improved, now the amount of damage ‘conducted’ (i.e. passed) through a component to the Chassis varies from component to component based on a variable defined as Resistivity.
> Resistivity stats are displayed on all cubes.
> Heal model improved, the speed that a cube is healed is defined by it’s health, the power of the Nano healing it, and the ‘heal-rate’ of the cube. Some cubes heal faster than others.
> Tanky cubes such as Rotors and Tank Treads heal quickly and have high Barrier Protection and Resistivity.
> Fragile cubes such as Hovers, SMG’s and Aerofoils have low Barrier Protection and low Resistivity.
> Electroplates now heal much slower and Armor heals much faster than before. Aerofoils also heal very fast (relatively). Many cubes have different heal rates, so please pay close attention to the stats displayed in game.
> The health of Protonium Crystal varies from Tier to Tier to suit the power of weapons in each Tier.
> All weapons have a new stat call ‘Protonivity’ which is a multiplier on how much damage they deal to Protonium Crystals, to ensure all weapons can effectively destroy Towers and Reactors at a rate that is balanced for the new game mode.
> Some default shortcut keys have changed. ‘B’ for Battle Mode, ‘I’ for Classic Mode, the rest stay the same.
> SMGs and Wheels no longer unlock with Tier-minus-one TP, but Armor now does unlock with Tier-minus-one TP, to prevent ‘gun rushing’ through the progression and encourage users to Tier up by being tough enough to reduce ‘glass cannon’ builds as users progress. It is also intended to slow progression to Tier 10 which many felt was too easy and too fast
> To ‘Tier Up’ simply buy enough armor in the next Tier to progress to it
> Several sounds improved such as the Alignment Rectifier’s activation and the cube rotation sound, with many others tweaked / balanced.
> Hovers, Wheels and Aerofoils are slower at Overclock Level 1 but travel much faster than they currently do when your Overclock level maxes out
> The built-in air brake on Hovers that has always been present has been reworked, so that it doesn’t destabilise Hovers when braking and to control speed better as the Overclocker progresses (i.e. keep Hovers travelling slower in early game and allow them to speed up late game)
> The built-in break on Wheels has been reworked to prevent destabilization when being slowed in early game and to provide stability when braking and travelling more than max speed with Thrusters when fully Overclocked
> Wheel physics has been improved by fixing a bug which caused undesirable random wheelies and sideways friction has been reduced to allow for ‘drift’ and reduce ‘flipping’ when travelling at very high Overclocked speeds
> Rail damage buffed significantly at Tier 10
> Plasma damage buffed significantly for TX-1
> All other weapon damage, accuracy, fire-rate etc has stayed the same although you will see very minor variances in the numbers as the stats now accurately reflect those in Robocloud
> Cubes, Inner, Prisms and Tetras now have different armor values (2.5% less with each smaller size). They also have different heal rates (so smaller cubes heal faster).
> All Armor prices have been reduced by 20%.
> New top HUD UI for showing health and ownership of the Fusion Towers and of each team’s Protonium Reactor.
> Added faster passive Overclocking in Tiers 2 and 3 (Tiers which have the Overclocker but no Fusion Towers)
> Many more servers added in preparation for users coming to play the new game mode and the extra load that it places on the servers
> Push any key or mouse button to respawn when the respawn counter reaches 0
> You can now respawn and Overclock in Practice Mode


> New login screen featuring a team of Robots attacking the Protonium Reactor
> Minimum requirements for screen resolution are now 1024×768 (previously 800×600)
> Classic Mode rewards remain unchanged
> The old text hints at the bottom of the countdown screen have been removed (superseded by the new graphical hints displayed when you respawn).
> x2 bonus indicator has moved from hovering above your pilot’s head in the Mothership to the edges of the floor of the Mothership so it’s less in the way
> EAC errors displayed to the users are more useful for debugging
> Fixed a bug where assigning the mouse wheel to movement caused undesired acceleration with wheels
> Improved the way the Robot Ranki

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Worst thing done to the game this is not why it was number one a year ago game has been changed beyond recognition. Do not waste your time with it.

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