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Once again more updates on the doom 2 wad roblox adventure!

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We have hit 100 downloads!

This is a pretty big thing for me it makes me glad to know that people

are downloading my wad and playing it, atleast i hope they are.

Roblox Adventure Full Release is almost here!

I'm trying my hardest to put as much gameplay into this wad as i can before

i fully release it. there may be more than 20 levels.

Once again first things first is there are new textures being added from

both Duke Nukem and Quake! These will not be homeworlds that you

will be able to go to though they are just textures for levels.

the wad currently is 80% done i just need to add a few more levels

and playtest this a bit more to make sure people have a smooth


Even then if there are any problems please make sure

to tell me in the comments, this helps me alot.

Whats next in the future.

Right after i published the Doot Collection (which was a pack

of joke wads i made for the sake of just messing around with

doom builder and slade) i was going to work on a half life 1

mod that was going to be Roblox Adventure but was quickly

scrapped since i need more practice with the gold source map editor.

I will say this now though, i had a plan to make a sequal to this wad

in half life 1 but like i said i need much much more practice before

i jump into mod making.

After Full Release.

After i release the full version of roblox adventure

i will take down the demos since they are only here

to be demos.

I will be taking a break from making wads and will be

looking into map making for other games

most likely half life 1 or half life 2 or even quake.

I also realized i did not give proper full credit in the

demo 3 version of roblox adventure, i apologize to the

creators of the custom enemies and effects that i

borrowed from realm667. (Proper credit will be given in the full version)

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