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This is the second public release of the Robbist Alpha, including a new map and lots of new features.

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esbank 1

Remember that picture I uploaded? Well, after 20 combined hours of hard work, I had managed to almost completely finish it!

esbank 5

esbank 2

esbank 3

esbank 4

I scaled it almost perfectly, the only things that are really different it the placement of couches and other objects. Everything else is almost perfect! Here's a video showing it off:

As shown in the video, I also changed the main menu a little bit. I added a second screen where you can select the level. Escape also now sends you to the main menu instead of quitting like it used to.

homescreen2 1

And that's all for the 0.3 alpha release! Be sure to give me some feedback on es_bank, as I am no where NEAR finished with it.

In the next update es_bank will be finished for the final first version, and I will begin working on the core gameplay elements. I expect this part to take up to a month, probably less, maybe more. Be sure to watch for it!

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