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Hey guys just a quick update. Until mid November I will be AFK. I to go visit my friends and now we decided to take a road trip. YOLO right? Wait maybe I shouldn't be using that term... Nerds may shun me :0

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Anyways guys thanks for the feedback, I have read the comments(2) and forum replies. I when I get back I will be working on a patch for v2 and starting work on v3. I don't want to tell you all to much right now, because I haven't even started working on it :/ BUT I am going to include at least 1 more male and female story character. The military skins will be fixed, but unfortunately the game default skins have holes in the elbows where as the dlc skins did not. So not completely sure what I am going to do about that but I will let you know as soon as I do. Anyways I appreciate the feedback and downloads, thank you all and have fun killing Zombies!

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