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Hello all! these are the new changes and tweaks for alpha 2.6a

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Alpha 26 released

Hello all! these are the new changes and tweaks for alpha 2.6a

Tweaked the save game system
Raised loot from hunted animals
First pass debugging at removing Storm Fx when storm is gone
Changed can not pickup world spawned benches
Corrected sleeping bag open direction
Raised stone spawn frequency

Fixed skill point weight addition when backpack is equipped
Fixed airdrop hanging from trees
Fixed Hotbar item amount indicator
Fixed wicker roll item info display
Fixed airdrop vanishing

Added green smoke to air drop after landing
Added loading screen
Added Players can now stack ammo
Added players can now unload ammo from weapons
Added save on exit to main menu/exit game
Added recycling of all cobblestone blocks
Added paint brush
Added Paint bucket
Added craftable flag
Added craftable flag book and recipe
Added Cobblestone half-wall
Added cobblestone floor

You might have issues with your old save game, I recommend you start a new game

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