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River Town profile has been approved and is available for all IndieDB community. For couple of months I kept this project in secret on my hard drive. Now, when I feel it's mature enough to share it with community (and get valuable feedback), here it is!

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Game Screenshot

For now, game is packed with a fully working "event system" along with Branching dialogs, Adding Plants, Items, Shops, - and all this stuff can now be adjusted without a single line of code.
Moreover, I have just finished a pie menu system (radial context menu), which will be used similarly as in The Sims - for instance: right click on a Villager will trigger a context menu with different options for an interaction with that villager (such as "Talk", "Ask", "Flirt", "Give").

To give you better understanding what features are included, I have created a feature wheel with 5 main categories:

- Farm: with all the farming stuff
- Social: Parts of the game where you can interact with different people (NPCs)
- Explore: Part mostly focused on aesthetic sector of the game, level design and such
- Design: Where your creativity is unleashed. All the fun stuff you can customise in game
- Manage: Strategy aspects of the game

Feature wheel

Copy of the feature wheel can be found also in our gallery.

And now a bit of insight:

Farming strategy
River Town will feature a strong strategic aspect of planning your crops.
If you enjoy planning and coming up with strategies, you could (though you don't have to), find out which products will have the highest demand this season. This can be done through TV, Newspaper, speaking with appropriate villagers (such as Shop cashiers, sunday market sellers). Before the product hits its enormous price, you could either buy appropriate amount of these and keep them in your refrigerator to sell in proper time, or equip yourself in seeds to grow them by yourself. It is up to you.

Easy to learn, hard to master
Some people could feel a little dizzy after reading this "strategy" thing. Don't worry - you don't have to get that deep in order to enjoy your farming - every aspect of the game will unleash its advanced properties along with your engagement level to that activity. It means that if you enjoy your hanging out in town a way more than working on a farm, you can still earn decent amount of money by doing quests or gathering town's goods - it is up to you which way you choose (or just spent a bit time on each of those) - this is the freedom level I am talking about. You are the scriptwriter, you are the director.

What is next?
Right now I am concentrating on bug fixing - this is my priority at this point. Once most of those are fixed, next step are animals. Animals system will be another huge milestone in game's development, since it provides one of the major functionalities to the game.
Animals screenshots will be uploaded soon. :)

Don't hesitate to leave your comments and thoughts - If you like what I'm doing, you can track the project so you always will be notified about further updates :)

Also, if you want to be up to date with all the latest news of River Town, feel free to like one of those (or both:):



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