Post news RSS Rising Storm Wind Workshop textured and new spell icons!

Our textured artist sent us back the newly textured wind-workshop and our head artist Captain Needa has also been busy doing up new spell icons!

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This week has been a busy one for everyone on the Rising Storm project and our texture artist sent us back the newly finished and textured wind workshop that we sent him last week, there were a few problems at first with the texture work but he corrected those and we are now pleased to be able to show off the newly finished wind workshop in all its glory!

Rising Storm Wind-Workshop Textured!
Our main artist Captain Needa has also been busy working on some new spell icon artwork design for the priests spell casting ring, the icons are at a stage that they finally are fitting in with the current spell ring and style so we will be finishing up the rest of the icons and start on getting them in to the game.

Rising Storm Spell Icons for priest spell menu

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