Post news RSS Rising Storm Updates: New Wind workshop meshes and priest model done!

Showcasing our two newly finished models for the Rising Storm Project. including the new Wind workshop meshes and Wind priest model for the wind faction.

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Our new team member Zygo has been busy adjusting our yet released wind workshop meshes reducing polycount and improving looks and this evening he sent in the renders for us to show off the newly improved wind-workshops that can be seen in the image below.

Rising Storm Newly Updated Wind Workshops

Zygo also working from our concept sketches has done up a new priest mesh for the wind faction and will be working on the rain and thunder priests as well.. We are very pleased with how the priest turned out and will be getting the newly improved priest character model textured and in-game soon.

Rising Storm Priest HighDetail Render

Also one of the fans testing the latest build put together a video with the new music and voice clips we have gotten done for the project.

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