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Risen has been around for over a decade. Computers have become more powerful in the meantime. The game currently has too many FPS, even on integrated graphics. And these are the bugs that occur because of it ..

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People play Risen often without looking in-depth for solutions to these problems they encounter. One can only watch on streaming platforms, how many of them struggle with the problems. To bypass some impassable obstacles, often cheats are used. These are the bugs that occur:

  • The mouse sensitivity is too high on high resolution monitors
  • Loading screen images are stretched because they were prepared for 4:3 monitors
  • The game cannot detect ultra widescreen resolutions, and the interface is stretched on 16:10 monitors
  • The character disappears when climbing ledges

For all these problems comes Risen FPS and aspect ratio fix. It comes with

  • FPS limiter
  • new loading screen images
  • changes values in the INI files to make the game run at any resolution and aspect ratio, like 3:2, 16:10, 16:9, 21:9, 32:9, and lowers the mouse sensitivity

Risen 16:9 before

Risen 16:9 after

Risen 21 9 after 2

Download Risen FPS and aspect ratio fix.

(Risen climbing bug fix, standing mid-air, annoying thunder storm)


Essential mod in my opinion, fixes compatibility issues with new systems.

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I think this mod is running into issues with whatever THQ Nordic just updated the game with, how would I go about uninstalling it to see if that's the case?

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KonradAr Author

I just updated this fix for the official 2023 Patch of Risen. Some components are no longer available if the installer detects the newer version of Risen. Soon there will be a mouse sensitivity option in the game, so I disabled this function also from this fix.
Soon, this fix will only be necessary for owners of ultra-wide monitors.

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