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A community player made patch for the game that fixes bugs, adds new and missing features, etc

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While there is no official news if Rise of Legends will or will not get a Steam Extended Edition, the game needs some patch work done.

If there will be no Steam EE, which some people say is likely, then the next best way to update the game is for programmers and modders to work on a user patch project, similar to what was done for AOE1, AOE2, and RON.

Please read about those two user patches to get an idea about this type of project, which may be a long-term project that requires a lot of community feedback and testing.
It's possible if players of the game work on a user patch project then Steam may release the game in the future, which is what happened with the AOE2 player-made The Forgotten expansion, later re-released on Steam and led to the official AOE2 HD Steam re-release.

This type of project is ideal for serious players and modders of the game, whether you are a beginner programmer and are looking to learn debugging and programming via such a project, or experienced programmers and modders looking for a challenge or some routine work to keep your mind active.

There is a group on the ROL Discord for those interested in working on the User Patch.

Current Patch Work, Mod Work and Game Info

Official Patch History Notes/Change Log

List of Files and Programs for Modding

Motter's notes while modding the game

Mod #1 Otter's Expansion 2010 - "This also fixes many bugs the game had, especially in the Campaign", see files for bug fixes
Mod #2 All CTW Heroes 2013 - see files for bug fixes
Mod #3 New Nations 2013 - see files for bug fixes

Modder00's "Game crash after 1 1/2 hour" fix - fixes a bug modder00 found where games crash after 1 1/2 hour of playing, the patch extends the gameplay up to 12 hours or even more

Greypawn's notes on modding tools for the game

Alincarpetman's list of game problems and possible feature requests

User Patch Main List of Problems and Feature Requests

Bug Fixes/Glitches
- Bug fixes (see the game code itself, Motter's and Alincarpetman's lists ^above^)
- Sound/music overlap glitch (during the campaign sometimes game music keeps playing while cutscenes with voiceovers start and both play together)
- Modder00's "Game crash after 1 1/2 hour" fix (see link ^above^)

Scenario Editor Fixes
- Scenario editor bug fixes (see the list here)
- Scenario editor "stay open/no auto-closing" option (after done testing a map, have the editor load back to the map instead of auto-closing the test game and reloading the editor all over again)
- Enable water terrain (there are water textures, but is there a water feature?)
- Enable all biome tilesets on one map (an attempt was made to use a xml/text editor and in-scenario options to copy and paste all biomes into one file but it didn't work)
- Wider plane size for maps (current largest size is 128 (maximum plane width) by 40,000 (maximum plane height), there's too much height)

Game Feature Requests
- Random map generator (was never included in the game, and RON's map gen isn't that great when compared to AOE2, AOM and other games)
- More game setup options (see RON's many options when setting up a quick battle game as a comparison)
- Mod manager/switcher (see other rts game mod managers as a reference: AOE1, AOE2 HD, AOM, Total Annihilation Kingdoms, CNC Generals, etc)

Visual Interface/Graphics
- Window mode (currently there is fullscreen game mode only)
- More zoom out/camera modes (zoom out is limited and view feels cramped at times)
- More resolution support (is this needed? info on resolutions can be found here)
- Rough edges need smoother graphics (the anti-aliasing option doesn't fix it all)
- Enable skybox/sky backgrounds but keep old solid single color option too (you can find sky graphics in the BIG files but these were never "activated" for in-game use)
- Enable water terrain (there are water textures, but is there a water feature?)

Gameplay Options/Fixes
- More player colors (currently limited to 8)
- More nation selection in menu (currently limited to 16)
- Population limit increase and/or population range options (currently limited to 300 max)
- Balance the Vinci/Alin/Cuotl ai (some players comment on how they think nations are unbalanced)

- What are the issues with multiplayer?

This list is incomplete. If you can look through the game and find any bugs, problems, feature requests, info, etc please post below and this list will be updated.

You can discuss this project in depth at the main ROL forum.
If you are interested in this project, please email me alincarpetman(at)heavengames(dot)com or post below:


Sounds good.

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alincarpetman Author

The User Patch work continues on the ROL Discord here:

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