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Following the release into early access here are details of the first update and details of what to expect next.

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We've got a patch fix for several community reported issues:

  • Lightened the NoTav 3 scene. Many of you have reported that this was too dark.
  • Police Morale has been corrected. Morale and fear now work correctly and we'll continue to balance this based on community feedback.
  • Team selection is now more evident in the UI bar. Some of you have been reporting that this wasn't clear, please let us know how you find the changes

In addition to these quick fixes, the team are investigating a number of reported issues.
If you've reported something in the pinned bug thread, the team have seen it and are already working on it!
Thank you for your patience while we look into all issues.

So that we can keep driving game progress forward, the developers are making a commitment to all players:

    From this Monday, we will share a weekly buglist and roadmap

We've had complaints about communication and transparency prior to release and we want you all to know that those days are dead! Every week, you'll find out exactly where development is. If we know about it, so will you!

In our next major update, we also hope to add at least one tutorial level! This is already being worked on and we should have news soon.

Thanks again to everyone who's helped support the game!

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