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Ridgewood 1.1 is now available for download. It can be downloaded as an entire directory or just a patch if you have 1.0 already downloaded.

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Ridgewood 1.1 now released.

The 1.1 release fixes a few issues that have been brought to my attention. You can see a list below.

  • Fixed invisible doors blocking the player
  • Fixed grammatical errors on certain doors
  • There is now a Steam Workshop entry for the mod

Issues I am aware of and will consider fixing in due course.

  • Voice acting missing in sections
  • Expanded ending (however it does not appear anyone has finished the game yet)
  • Removal of the 2nd Ridgewood game type displaying.
  • Zooming in on documents brings them out of screen.
  • Some enemies KARMA is incorrect, resulting in strange rag dolls.

Potential Issues that have been brought to my attention that I will not fix.

  • 3rd person mode, the torch does not remain still. This is an issue that has been brought to my attention, but I consider not critical to the game.
  • The lighting is too dark. It is intended to be dark.
  • Flashlight drains too fast, recharges too slow. This is a user issue, not a game issue. You must manage your usage, again it’s intended.
  • The ability to hold a flare, and not throw it. This is why you have a torch. Flares are intended to be temporary lights that can be placed, not held.
  • Placing a live marker on the map. This again is a user issue, not a game issue. I am not responsible for people’s inability to follow a simple map.
  • Save games. This was disabled in Killing Floor. I have attempted to switch the feature back on for this mod, but it is completely disabled beyond my control.

It has also been asked if playing this mod will result in a VAC ban. I can assure you that it will NOT result in a VAC ban as it does not access any of Killing Floors online features.

Another note, is that one user complained that the mod wouldn’t work properly on a pirated version of Killing Floor. I think it is quite self-explanatory as to why it wouldn’t work, and furthermore I need not comment on actually announcing actively stealing games. If you are stupid enough to steal in the first place, you are stupid enough to suffer the consequences.

I will continue to support Ridgewood as best I can, however I am moving onto other projects, which means my time will be divided.


Well, i assume that the only stupid one here is you, since you publically announce that you cannot PROPERLY read what people write, and i wrote that i have the game on Steam, but don't want to risk my account with over 500 BOUGHT games in it's Library getting VAC banned because of some piece-of-**** mod, like it was with some people that used another total conversion mod on their game on Steam, and geting a backup copy of something i already own for safe testing of mods and having the ability to use both the mod and the original game without reinstalling it every time i need the original game just because you were unable to make it a standalone mod or a selectable gamemod within the game, without breaking the original game, is equal to "stealing" as much as when you are getting a scan copy of your passport or some other document you need to provide somewhere, or making a backup copy of your Steam games using Steam, when you want to test some Workshop mods but want to make sure you can easily and quickly revert the changes if you won't like them or something will not work properly. Not to say you are working with Metalmedved, who is known for having a website where he sells his "custom made" models for Killing Floor, which are just assets stolen from other games and changed to work in Killing Floor, for which he surely has no copyrights, and which, again, are mostly used on customized KF servers with microtransactions (aka "donation shops") and which are usually distributing their own cracked "repack" versions of Killing Floor on their forums/websites/steam groups/social media/etc. So talk about piracy, yeah.
Besides, all the issues i've mentioned are not related only to said versions of KF, but also to a Steam version as well, so it's a problem of the mod, not the game distributive, either from Steam or from some other source.

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