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Decided to do a huge engine modification and the process will take time.

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Hi guys!
Sorry for being a way a lot lately.
I have been planning on a complete engine rework concerning the items, inventory and randomization.

I have tought about not making such huge amount on randomizing weapons but making even more different weapons. Like in games such as Arcanum, fallout or dark souls. The new system would still allow weapon forging and improving and some modification but no more total random weapons.

Also I want to take out the stat point system ( not the skill point one ) and focus more on the perks so that enemies like dragons would always be stranger than you atleast in stats.
Because it is funny if a halfling is stronger than a dragon.

I also would like to see a larger more simpler inventory. It also helps me do this if the weapons are less random so I dont have consider so many stats on everything.

This will sadly take some time and will not be that easy as I have to battle the old engine.
But im sure you can find good games to play in that time =D


Great to hear. Don't worry, we will all be waiting ;)

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