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Hello friends!

The weapon thats i have update before is still have something wrong, such like bad texture, wrong model setting or animation, this is happen because i still learn about it. so i correct it before move to next progress. this is the bug thats already fixed :

1. Springfield

The wood texture of this weapon is looks like a carrot, its because i make specular map without black and white setting, so the texture looks like carrot when in dx9. but its already corrected.

2. G43

The wood texture of this weapon is same with old springfield, the normal map is not match with the color map, so the weapon is looks curious. but now, the color map, specular, and normal is match each other.

3. Colt45

The weapon skin is really nice, meeshman made the great texture, big thanks for meeshman.

I also make new weapon :

1. SVT40 Sniper

This skin is from meeshman too. i have add a scope to svt40, nice semi auto rifle with scope.

2. Springfield with short scope

The new unscoped springfield model is attached with short scope from original springfield model, its looks like this :

3. M1 Carbine

The animation and model is corrected, formerly when fired, the whole of gun is moving backward, now its have a correct anim and model.

New AI, this is a american medic soldier, but he is cannot healing, he is a basic soldier, not a real medic. hopefully if i can make a medic script, maybe i can make him do their work as a medic.

I happy i have finish some work, now the remains is kar98k, scoped kar98k, p38, luger, scoped mosin, vehicle, and weapon stat. maybe need one month to finish them, i don't know exactly. a next stuff will come in next week. thanks :D

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nice job

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Keep up the good work. I am excited for the full release of the mod!

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