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Gives the news about o'que I will say the scripts, I am WHAT doing, and how is the mod progress.

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Scripts Version 1.0

Mini Mod Zone! 2015 . Was to have released a long time, and with this I had already reviewed a few scripts, yesterday I reviewed a few more as:

  1. bind_stalker.ltx
  2. script_g.ltx
  3. gulag_tasks.ltx
  4. monster.ltx
  5. stalker.ltx
  6. sr_noweapon.ltx
  7. _z.ltx
  8. _g.ltx
  9. kamp_task.ltx

Two new scripts have been added:

  1. reload.ltx (it allows all stalkers reload your weapon use at least one bullet, also allows stalkers grab the gun discharged floor, and they can recharge them.)
  2. environmental_intelligence.ltx (stalkers are closer in the area, can see an enemy from afar and kill him, can eat more often, can take any object that is usable on the ground, can carry a mutant even close to a safe place and lunch it does "" requires a new animation that is in development '. "

The mod progress I can say is Alpha_Build 0.35

Images will be released from the day 25/04/2015

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