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Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, it is I Bardi, and today I wanted to make an announcement, this mod has been dead since nearly a year, and I wanted to announce that this mod is being remade, now I know what you're thinking "Bardi, how do you remake something that hasn't been released!?" to put it simply, I'm giving this mod a makeover, it has nothing to do with the offensive material, rather with giving it better steps ahead, keep your eyes and assholes open for the next anoncement!!!!!

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41SCP - Containment Breach. it is my intention to sit down, eat bologna macaroni sandwiches, and drink some Wild Berry Pepsi, however since the dawn of time, people have developed the ability to dispose bodily waste, Angelina Jolie? Yes, whale, not a coffee!!!

Here's my YouTube Channel, see y'all cool daddy-o's and mommy-o's soon!

(I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with Regalis or the SCP foundation. All rights reserved 2022)

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