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The first part of the mod was released a year ago, developed by Wim Buytaert. His work was so impressive that eight other developers joined him. Under the name Patient 8 Games, they worked for a year on part 2, which has now appeared on Steam Workshop.

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Having been sent to secure the suitcase, the first Combine team swiftly breached rapture’s defenses; however, the XEN infestation followed them through and the splicers made quick work of defeating the soldiers. The Combine sent a much larger second team, commanded by Seamus with the primary objective to wipe out the remaining splicers by any means necessary, cut off the XEN from spreading and retrieve the suitcase.

Now, Alyx, with the help of Larry, must continue the search and retrieve the suitcase before the Combine unleash whatever Andrew Ryan has been keeping hidden. Unfortunately, Alyx finds that the Combine have disposed of her weapons and she is now far beyond the Combine strong hold so she must fight splicers and Combine alike to reach the goal.

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