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The Oversizer Device is officially discontinued by its original author, however latest work plus Source Code have been released.

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Hello everyone.

It's been many years since i invested time in working on this mutator, my days of playing Unreal Tournament 3 for entire nights has gone and nowdays i barely invest any time playing the game, still have it installed but only opening it rarely to have some fun with it.

So with that lack of interest in the game itself, i also lost interest in keep the only mutator i did for it, the Oversizer Device is officialy discontinued by me. However for any of you who still plays the game actively and found this mutator interesting for any purpose, the good news is that i am releasing the unfinished Version 1.4 that i worked slowly from 2015 up to 2017 along with its source code and assets. I'll be leaving the downloads section free for anyone who wants to use this page for uploading their own versions of the mutator here.

Thanks for the support from the people who played my mutator and had fun with it, myself had fun coding it back in the days, so i hope this can serve any use for those who are still interested.


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