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I am continuing the development of ToJ, the once famous Warcraft 3 map. There will be a lot of remakes and changes

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Good News!

I found the JNPG special version on my old computer and opened the unreleased WIP ToJ 1.18 version and it worked!
After trying i managed to transport all the files to my Laptop and get them running there, so now I will continue the development of ToJ

Updates for now

I remade the critical system, but i still have half of the stuff to do there

I added Bash, Knockback and Cripple as stacking attack modifiers (eg. you got a skill that gives you 20% bash chance and 1 second duration and you have an item with 10% bash chance and 2 second duration will result in 30% bash with 3 second duration) Imba or not?

Currently I'm remaking the attributes and their calculation. All units will have a percentage based magic damage reduction and a flat value physical damage reduction (in addition to the percentage based armor). Im uncertain if I will add a flat magic damage reduction, because that will render some spells basically useless?
I added Leadership that gives you extra Leadership points and it also increases the Level of the Leadership aura (I think i should add some more effects to this)
And I also added Perception to the Ranger and removed his Wisdom attribute instead. Perception gives you additional Field of View and attack range
While doing this is also reduced all Heroes FoV and the Rangers basic attack range

Oh and I remade the Hero Information Multiboard to reflect all those hero values and more like Ability damage and their chances to proc special events (like the Firebolt..)
Multiboard WIP

Planned is a proper Inventory System and I will remove some Heroes that are not really fun to play like the Blacksmith, but also all Heroes will get a remade Ability set
Holy Clergy

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Hey, sounds good. (; Keep it up
We will test and give feedback after release

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