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All though not much to show this week the game undergoes big changes and it's getting way better!

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Spend the whole week optimizing and restructuring most of my code. Prior to that I had problems with many enemies on the screen, 5-6 enemies on screen where actually enough to make the fps-es take a nose dive but now it can stand up to 80, of course there is a frame drop but not all of it is because of the pathfinding.

Video showcasing this

Atop of that the combat and movement of the player is way more dynamic now and it's actually interactive with the enviroment so no more floating characters (this is not shown in the video though!) and it opened the way to even more interesting stuff. I've also decided to give another try on mocap to speed up development time a little bit and I had some good results but more on that later. That's it for this week, although not so much stuff to show, the game undergoes big changes and it's getting even better.

If you are a Unity 3d developer I'm also trying to make a budget for the game by selling some assets on Unity's Asset Store, check them out here


I hope this isn't going to happen in the game. Or this is going to be the HELL. xDDDDDDDDDDD

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BiggerBoss Author

Depends how stealthy you are going to be :P

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