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We decided to restart Caught in Paradise for various reasons.

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Hey Folks,

After over two months of work we decided to start over once again. Are you wondering why?
Well, the answer is simple enough: We are no longer noobs in Unity. If you'd look at our old scripts, you'd see:

A lot was done inefficiently, way too long and no one knew exactly what was going on.

But things have changed.
We altered a lot, with a 2nd Coder (Welcome to Josh =D) and a lot more knowledge than before.

You want an example?
Suit yourself!
The script for stamina, formerly around 300 lines, has been reduced to 60. Now tell us if that ain't good news!

So don't worry, we don't need to start from zero. We still have our models, textures, sounds, etc...
However, the game is quite unlikely to be finished before 2012.

Well, look forward for just another time! CiP isn't dead!

Thanks for believing,

AND if you've got some skill and free time for helping with an indie game, just write a mail to (But only if you are really willing to spend time for it and are old enough to be taken serious)

Here two new screenshots:

Uraikus - - 86 comments

What are the features you have that take stamina?
Because 60 I imagine would be a lot in unity-script?

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Phoinix - - 8 comments

There are three languages you can use in unity:
C#, Boo & javascript.
We use javascript...
The script decreases your stamina whenever you move/jump/etc.
Don't forget, that there are a lot of comments AND indentions (hope that's right), so 60 is a very good value.

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Posho - - 85 comments

I know that feel.
I had to restart my game "Ooni" too.
Mechanics were pretty ******...

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tomche - - 20 comments

good luck guys, really looking forward to seeing a alpha version

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SpeedOfLim - - 29 comments

The clouds look a bit too realistic while the ground look kinda crappy. Still tracking thought.+1 to your trackers and welcome back from the world of the dead people.

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