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Time to come out and say it, due to complications and lack of assistance the mod is hereby dead. If it wasn't for the strange error encountered months ago and Valve ****ing up their stuff again (Source SDK). Maybe this would have continued. Oh well, all things must come to an end right?

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Basically that's it. Dead. D.E.A.D. Dead. But it doesn't matter since this had no potential and had no resemblance to the RE universe. The mod was a train wreck since the beginning. Now the crash has finally happened. In the end no one really cares though as new and better and more promising mods and games will come along. Tis the end of this abomination's life.

I find this a blessing to be honest I hated this idea, and Zombie sure doesn't know what he's doing AT ALL! XD
I hope he cancels his other mods too. Now then onto what was planned...but thankfully didn't happen! :)

Features That Were To Be

-Encountering Leon, Claire, and Sherry
-Find Marvin unconscious
-Visit RPD, Kendo's Gunshop, and many other famous locations
-Fight Nemesis when Jill escapes the diner (instead of causing an explosion)
-Use many RE weapons from the dreaded knife to the kick*** Desert Eagle
-Adding quite a few new large cast members
-Fight Hunters, Spiders, Dogs, Crows, and a special someone
-A 7 chapter tale
-Co-op version

Well since this mod has finally croaked how about a celebration party? Anyone? My place, six o' clock EST. Bring chips and pop or no entry. XP


That's to bad. I was really hoping to see this complete. But since it's a celebration, congrats on quitting! :D

I'll still keep watching the mod though.

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