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A new respawn system will come with ZOTH. Read about the reasons for it and what has been done for a proper respawn.

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In vanilla CS the respawn was mostly triggered by certain points on the story-line the respawn of smart terrains is quite strange and most of the time not present. And the behavior from mutant in smart terrains is totally useless. They will follow the actor within a range and if they are to far away of their home, they will return to the smart terrain. Combined you have stupid mutants and a empty zone quite fast.

After weeks of 'meditating' about this problems finally an idea showed up^^ First testings were successful now we need to polish it a bit. So how does it work?

We place spawn-points in a level, the amount of them is bound to the landscape and its size. For every level the will be a table of possible mutants. The script will choose randomly which mutant will spawn on one of the random spawn-points.

This means you will never be able to foretold that at this point in level xyz there will be some dogs. Almost every mutant spawn, which is not triggered by a mission will by totally random. Of course do we choose them wisely for every level. Throwing about three strong chimeras in the starting area won't be that much fun for the most players^^

With this idea I like to get rid of the 'routine' we all got for each stalker part, or mod. In the second play through most of us will have an idea, where to go first, or what awaits us here and there. With this random spawns you will never be able to know which enemy lurks around the next corner.

And again: Another feature which is quite unique for CS. :)

When we finished the tests I will try to make a video for demonstrating the random madness. :D

Capt.Host - - 854 comments

Lovely feature. I really like what this mod is doing with CS. Freeplay at it's best.
Keep up the great work ;)

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RussianBadAss - - 188 comments

completely agree, nothing to argue about

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ChielScape - - 182 comments

Do ensure that the spawn rates for the various mutants are such that you are more likely to get a dozen dogs than you are to get a dozen chimeras. "Random" will screw people HARD if there arent some additional rules like soft or hard caps.

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Das_P0m Author
Das_P0m - - 539 comments

The balancing will be a hard part, indeed! But I see this quite relaxed. Don't worry to be hunted to death by unfair mutant hordes. Random yes, but without chaos^^

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