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An update on the development of Survive & Seek which includes the introduction of resources onto the island which allow for building.

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Hi, Jaime here again with another article on how I am doing on the development of Survive & Seek. I have been working on many aspects of the game this week and this article is going to cover all the additions.


Resources are vital for the player to survive on the island. Resources include wood, rope, food and other parts which I will add at a later date. I have set up spawn points in many places on the island which ensure that all player have access to the resources. The area in which the resources spawn are completely random however, at the moment there are tonnes of wood being spawned but that's mostly for testing purposes. I have also been experimenting with simple rope physics which could be used a way to tie pieces of wood together.


Above is a basic rope implementation which has many 3D shapes joined together and below are lots of wooden planks.


Each player on the island will have their own area of beach in the players designated color. This will be the only place in which the player can build their boat to escape the island. The player can go across any part of the island to collect resources and bring them back to their zone. Opposing players can also take wood out of the players area which adds fun to the game.

Above is a gif of the player collecting a wooden plank. In the background is the players green zone.

Creating Boat Structures

In the players zone, the player can create their boat. I have created a basic set of tools to move and rotate the resources. Plus the camera panning, rotation and zoom. This is still a very basic version which still needs work but I will continue to improve it over the next few weeks and I hope to show you some cool boat creations when I'm happy with the tools. This will enable the player to make their own creations which takes advantage of the players imagination.

Below are gifs of some the tools I have created.

To do List

I think the main aim after this article is to improve the boat creation tools because the main goal is to get a boat off the island. I also need to add animations to the character so that other players can see each other.

I hope you like what you see. Any support is appreciated, we also have a Twitter page which is accessible from the Survive & Seek IndieDB page and you can email me with any suggestions from the page.

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