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Some recent developments on the project to maybe look forward to.

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In Progress Content

While a few of you probably saw these on my Twitter but I have been working on a couple major things: The reworked Hassault and new 3 round burst silenced DMR weapon. I don't have much to show for the new DMR weapon that's presentable but I do have some stuff to show off for the reworked hassault and future content news.

Hassault Rework

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As you can see the biggest glaring difference is the switch from a minigun to an M249 SAW, this change was done because it made more sense contextually and adds consistency with the official expansions. He remains mostly the same functionally but obviously changed to accommodate the new weapon, there are also some small touch ups like pain and death sounds I'm working on and will hopefully be able to show in the future. For now however I only have these small sneak peeks to show

3 Round Burst Silenced DMR

FN SCAR® 17S | FN®

As mentioned I don't have any presentable material to show for this weapon I have pretty much all the details to give, the plan is to make it an FN SCAR17S but at the moment I'm using a modified gamebanana skin as a placeholder, obviously I don't have permission to use it so I'm not going to present it here on the article or keep using the model to the point of release, I plan to somehow get a model made from scratch whether it be me or if I stumble upon someone gracious enough to do it but for the time being I can only just describe how it's going to work. As I mentioned it's a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) which means it has a scope but isn't a full on sniper rifle in the same vein as an M40A1 or L96A1 but serves a similar purpose just not to the same extent as well as acting as an assault rifle, also mentioned is the fact it will shoot in 3 round burst and only in 3 round burst mode to add some uniquity to the weapon but to also add the ability to have quicker take downs on enemies from mid to long range while maintaining accuracy. It will also use a not so new ammo type of 7.62x51mm which as you may remember was featured in Opposing Force as the ammo type the M40A1 sniper rifle used, both of which will be making their return here along side this new addition. How will it fit in the universe may you ask? I intend to go the same route as weapons like the RPG to where you never see any enemies use it but it's implied they carry and use it but in this case I plan for the black ops assassins to be the ones to carry this weapon and have even lingered on the idea of actually implementing this as a weapon they can be seen to carry.

Possibility of an Original Soundtrack!? + Extras

Recently one of my very good friends Dirty Kermit has offered to help me work on this project with mapping but we have both touched upon the idea of making tracks for the mod due to his talent in the field of composition (His SoundCloud) which can add a new layer of atmosphere to the project if it manages to become a possibility.

Resonance Cascade Day

Today is the day and what would be the anniversary of sorts of the day that the resonance cascade takes place on and ironically enough my birthday shares this day as it's anniversary, whether I be a direct result or this is purely coincidence is unknown to me but I believe the former due to my unconventional methods of doing things

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We talk about this.

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That Hassault guy is badass, holding SAW with one hand :D

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Ohhh nice a another blueshift-related mod, that's cool I'll keep up tracking it up! Remind me of echoes at some point and nice models :)

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Didn't make the hassault model, it's from Sven but I did edit it's animations a bit to account for the M249. Also I did take inspiration greatly from echoes with using the PS2/Ambient impact styled models but at the same time I did plan on using these models from the start because they are my preferred models, I'm biased towards them because that was the way I first played half life as well

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