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As Resistance and Liberation has come increasingly closer to a release, version 1.6 is now in sight, with a release date set around the 29th – Rob and I had a chance to have a chat with several of the guys from RnL.

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Here's just a taste of the grit of the interview:

Modinformer wrote:

What do you usually do to have fun?

It's not boring, really
We joke and share random stuff all the time ...especially Chris lots of links from Chris. The chat we have going isn't just for RnL so there is a lot of stuff that goes on in there I think the play testing some of features that lead to funny bugs is a great way of letting off steam killing each-other over and over, that always helps when we put the fists in, we started having fist fights on the server.
Proning Noclip fights...
I usually talk about bratwursts. A lot. That's mainly because we have Germans (and Austrians) in the team. Those germans really know their bratwursts.

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