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we will shed a bit of light on thre resident evil 3.5 storyline

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HI I'd like to shed a little light on the story about resident evil 3.5.
first I'd like to say that although we are going by the hookman build 3.5 there was still a vast amount of gaps left in the story such as the beginning, and how Leon got himself into this mess in the first place. We wanted to stay true to the build but also alter it a bit in places we sought need more attention. Some things such as enemies you had to fight in the game wasn't to clear yet, we know we want to add zombies and maybe some ghosts for good scares. I'm sure everyone has seen resident evil 4 and 5 and thought how much they missed the zombies or maybe even some of the puzzles. originally 3.5 was based in Spain and at the end of Leon's story he died, capcom didn't like this after awhile and picked up the las plagas idea, one Idea we had was to take 3.5 and make it a sort of prequel to re4. After re2 Leon was forced to join the government and not much else was said after that. 3.5 could be a good point to maybe explain some of those details and also lead on to re4.
so of course all these gaps being left we need to start making a story to fill them, but we needed a story thats believable and yet also stays true to the RE and 3.5 storyline its not that easy I must say. we sat down and went through ideas here and there, see what works and what doesn't. We had a idea of leon starting out with mutant arms and running around consuming zombies gaining more power... well of course that one was just a fun joke.

Here is the beginning of our story or I should say the first part of filling in the gaps of 3.5

Leon kennedy has been forced to work for the government after he was captured in Racoon city along with sherry birkin
Leon gets 6 months to gather what he needs and report to them, leon is lost, but has no choice.
He finds him self in a small town in Canada. Entering the town he spots a small diner.
as he gets out of the truck he clenches his left arm tightly in pain. "Not now" he mumbles to himself.
the diner is owned by a man named Jerry. When Leon walks in the diner and asks for information on the town the man
tells him about a old insane asylum in town. Interested Leon asks him more about it.

"the old insane asylum been around for years, but recently I heard talk about them rebuilding it into a new hospital"
Leon decides to check it out and leaves the diner. Leon heading to this asylum is where the story begins.

Why would we pick Canada? you might ask, researching places with insane asylums we found a good amount of them in Canada and decided, it was a good place to start, also no other resident evil had ever been placed in a setting such as this, it was a way of adding some extra spice to the story.

coming up with other things such as themes for music and characters to add to the game was another great challenge for us, we spent hours listening to past resident evil music and talked about what went best with the themes for 3.5 in the end we decided to go with a sort of resident evil 0 save room type theme. We will be making our own music, all the better for a mod.

adding characters we talked a lot about what people would want to see, we knew we wanted to add claire, it has only been 6 months since Racoon city and they where bound to have good contact, we even thought about having it slightly after claire's encounter with steve on the island.
Having leon and claire share stories or memories of raccon city while they walked through the dark hallways of a once lively asylum was a cool thought in mind and would be nice to see come to life, maybe even them talking about opinions on sherry, for now we will think more about it.

a lot of people also asked about a Weapon system in the game.
"is there going to be upgrades?"
"will there be lots of weapons?"
one person even asked a funny question
"you wont have the merchant in there right?"

No although it might be funny to have a trench coat wearing old man selling you goods in a spooky asylum it wouldn't make to much sense.
that also goes for upgrading weapons. "But where would you get weapons then?" You will be able to find weapons around the asylum the reason for this will be later explained as the story unfolds.

Well I'm sure you've all read as much as you can at this point so here is some of our newest videos.

The main leon model we all love with a Before and after difference from when he was first modeled

Thank you all for taking a look at this and I hope you all enjoy the updates coming, even though we still need coders and modelers we will keep working as hard as we can until we can find more people.


ii know this is a long shot but since the story takes place in canada can you guys have barry make a cameo since he lives in canada like put him in the dinner or have him talk to leon or something. btw can't wait to see the mod finished looks great

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plasmid Author

does barry live in canada? i'll talk to the rest of the team and see about maybe a small appearance if he lives in canada

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Sherry, will she be older in this one? Like teens?

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plasmid Author

the mod takes place about 2 months after code veronica, sherry will be mentioned but she is not any older

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