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FAQ to the game, these will explain everything you need to know, and also ask us any questions you may have and we will answer them

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FAQ to resident evil 3.5 alternative

1.Will this be in third person?
Yes it will be in third person, even if some videos or screenshots are in first person the game is still in 3rd person.

2. Is the story the same as the original re 3.5?
Yes and no, It will be the same gameplay and story, but with our own interpretation, meaning leon is infected, there is still a hookman, but the locations are different, and the full story is being written by us.

3. Will this be free, will we need any other game to run it?
Yes it will be free, no you will not need any other game to run this.

4. Will there be any unlockable things after beating the game?

Yes, there will be a few weapons, and clothes to choose from just like other resident evil games.

5. what style will this game be in? classic or like re5 and 4?
the style of the game will stay as the classic REs, the camera angle is undecided yet, this game wont be about action, but suspense and horror.

6. Will there be upgrading of items or weapons?
there will be a type of upgrading later on in the game, as to how it will play out is to be determined.

7. Will there be zombies?!

is that a serious question? of course there will be, a RE game without zombies isnt scary.

8. What does the pink herb do?
I uh.. don't know yet but we will find a use for it.
9. I'm interested in joining the project, how can I join?
If you would like to join we have a thread in our forums were you can apply
we are in need of modelers and animators for udk

10. Will the game have any extras?
Yes, there will be ingame extras as well as some you will be able to download, wallpapers icons ect.

I hope this FAQ will clear things up, if anyone has any other questions feel free to ask in a comment.

I'd like to thank everyone for the support.


Wil this be awesome when released?? Nvm i know THE answer... Hell yeah !! :D keep it up. :D

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plasmid Author

thanks :3

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