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Research stations...well...why? + they add more space for units + they add some new...erm...surprises to the game + two stations are better than one, I guess - kinda annoying when they get destroyed, so guard them - you can only have one of them...currently

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Hi guys, it's been a long time since the last update.
As we already have a new year, happy new year etc.

I just figured out that there are endless possibilities of writing a faction in FoC.
I do NOT mean by writing hard code.
(Before you think thzat your faction could be created by you ingame, sadly not)
However, the factions can now be chosen twice. Kinda.
The first time:
When you select the faction as you would always do before starting a game.
The second time:
When you first built the research station.
Do not get me wrong, I will not write the rebels an imperial faction, although...a small fraction of the empire helping the rebels would be nice... however, the second choice will be more in terms of what ships you have. (keep in mind, this is a tested idea, not final)
maybe some of you know C&C Generals.
Something like this would be possible.
Hell, the possibility is given to even write generals for FoC!
And I mean not the game but Generals that you choose after building the research station.
You choose I dunno...Luke Skywalker as general and get X-Wings with protonentorpedoes.
Or Ackbar (who is no longer in chinese :D ) and get stronger MCs...
I could even write in specific boni on economics etc! Take Mon Mothma, get weaker ships but your team gets a higher income. Etc, etc, etc.

However, I first want to take your opinnion on this theme, as I don`t know how you think about it.

Well, as for now, I await your answers and there will be some images as soon as I created useable textures for the research facility.

Have a nice day.

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