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Info and Video about how the famous Escort Gametype was ported to COD4/Frontlines and successful for so many years.

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The Rescue team need to save a Prisoner which is a player from his team which is tied in some place in the map (without weapons, and without able to move).

To untied him is just get close for around 2 seconds then he will be released, then the extraction point will be marked and a heli support will arrive to pickup the Prisoner.

The extraction point is like in the Escort gametype, with the green smoke and everything.

The Prisoner is VERY important to BOTH sides, so both teams must NOT kill the Prisoner at all costs, if a team kill the Prisoner, this team will loose the round.


So if the Prisoner was released the guard team must stop him shooting on their legs, then the Prisoner will fall in the ground and will not be able to move to the extraction point.

Then the rescue team can save him also just reaching close for few seconds, then he will be back to try to escape.

While the Prisoner is wounded, he will NEVER die by this wounds, but if someone shoot him again, he will die like anybody else. Of course, clays, C4s, Airstrikes, Nades, etc... will kill the Prisoner like any other player, so pay attention to use explosives close to him.

The clays have a little different behavior that you must know, if you put clays close to his "prison" then he will die soon as he moved, your team will lose... but if you plant claymores away from his "prison" and he died on some of these, the gametype will think the Prisoner suicides, and this make the Guard team win.

This is a no respawn gametype.

Rescue Options

. scr_rescue_timelimit
. scr_rescue_scorelimit
. scr_rescue_roundlimit
. scr_rescue_numlives [1-50]
. scr_rescue_roundswitch
. scr_rescue_sides_msg [show msgs to help the players]
. scr_rescue_type [define the zulu points 0-3]
. scr_rescue_next [how to define the next Prisoner 0-2]
. scr_rescue_name [show Prisoner name]
. scr_rescue_noob [Prisoner stronger]

Rescue Type Options
Type Result
0 Random Extraction Point
1 Extraction Point A
2 Extraction Point B
3 Extraction Point C

Next Prisioner Options
Type Result
0 Last ID (default) = newest player on the server
1 Best Score
2 Random


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Hajas Author

Wow! That's Great! Thanks for let me know! :D

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