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What if our civilization is actually ruled by reptilians from Nibiru planet? What if the Apocalypse is inevitable? What if all the memes are true?!

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Do not be scared, dear user. Not all of them are. It’s just that Egypt: Old Kingdom now allows you to make even the wildest conspiracy theories a reality. Created with the participation of scholars and historians of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) strategy game Egypt: Old Kingdom now has a free DLC called « Master of History» where every player has power to rewrite the history of civilization. Aliens, fearless mummies and «peoples of the sea» are involved.

Egypt: Old Kingdom – Master of History – turn into a lord of the world! …alongside reptilians, of course.

New free DLC Master of History for turn-based strategy Egypt: Old Kingdom.

Clarus Victoria developers report that Master of History will be loved not only by fans of the original game but also by the ones who strongly criticized it: now you can play without reference to historic events and canons. But it’s only up to users to decide which of the events are real and which are not! Shape your own history: no turn restrictions, possibilities of an endless technology tree, infinite buildings and achievements.

The Gods are no longer interrupting the gaming process, but for the fans of extraterrestrial life there is an alien intervention available: reptilians (obviously from Nibiru planet) secretly rule over the world imposing taxes upon civilization.

Features of « Master of History»:

  • Infinite play mode.

  • No restrictions on technological development and improvements.

  • Randomly generated dynasties like heretics or gluttons.

  • Disabling challenges and historical events.

  • New enemies – reptilian aliens, mummies and «peoples of the sea».

Egypt: Old Kingdom – a strategy simulation game about the times of the construction of the Great Pyramids where every player can start from uniting the Egyptian tribes and end as a ruler of the First Empire. This is the first and only game that was made with the participation of scholars and historians of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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