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When the robots multiply beyond control, the Robot Replication Regulator has to be called in to put down the robot rebellion.

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Replication Extermination is a procedurally generated, open world stealth and action game developed originally in 72 hours for OMGJam 3 ( using Unity 3D by solo developer, Mathew Tomberlin (@CrimsonOctopus). The point of the jam was to have one mechanic, at which Mathew failed, but he did however end up with a pretty amazing stealth game!

The game is a top-down shooter utilizing procedural generation for world creation, a player progression system and stealth gameplay mechanics. The player is a Robot Replication Regulator, who must search the area for red, glowing Robot Replication Cores and destroy them using his handgun. However, the robots created by these replication cores have gone out of control and will quickly eliminate the player if he makes too much noise or gets their attention. The player must use their stealth, their handgun for distractions and placement of pickups to reach each of the cores.

When the player destroys a robot, the robot drops a credit. These credits can be spent at Upgrade Workbenches, which can be found near the Robot Replication Cores, to upgrade the Robot Replication Regulator's health, damage and ammo capacity. Destroying the core, though, causes all of the nearby robots to immediately explode, dropping lots of credits all at once!

When the player loses, the game informs them of their survival time and the number of robots and cores destroyed while the played. The game can be quite challenging if the player doesn't utilize stealth, and the enemies grow gradually more difficult as the player nears each core, and as they destroy cores.

Though the game is playable and fun, there are more features we hope to add in the future, such as multiple weapons, bosses and a more varied world. Thanks for reading and we hope you have fun exterminating the robot infestation!

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