Post news RSS Replacement of the church, and new models. (looking for 3D modelers and mappers)

It would be great to have a new Church , bigger, optimized and more grim , right? And what about more player characters to choose and more zombies? Read more for info.

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UPDATE: development group currently has only one mapper and has no 3D modelers.

We are making a replacement of practically all areas of Proyect-Z. Our mapper are busy creating a new City. So we also need help to renew the church and Outskirts (zone1).

In addition , as many of you know the number of characters that the player can choose is very limited and we have a few zombie models. Would be great if we can get more and detailed zombie models and player characters.

Unfortunately we need 3D modelers in order to achieve this.

If you are a mapper, and you'd like to create a new church and/or Outskirts for Proyect-Z or If you're 3D modeler and you would like to see your models in mod, or simply want to contribute with a single model, do not hesitate to contact us here. (people whose language is Spanish, please post in the section for your language)

Please before posting don't forget read the rules.

Thanks to all.

tymaxbeta - - 1,059 comments

Just keep the hl2 defaults, you have wide selection, and with about 20 minutes you can skin them to have normal clothing, not to mention the fact that the player models do not fit the setting of the mod at all, IE: why do the players have these outrageous and unsuitable characters, when everyone else is from hl2?

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proteoma_studios Author
proteoma_studios - - 71 comments

because we want our own models, not hl2 models. And last modeler that the team had, was only able to make the character models and zombies.

if within a long time we still not find a modeler , probably end up using hl2 models for players. But it is something we do not like to happen

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