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I'd just like to extend a reminder to everyone about the mod and it's team.

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Now, I'm sure everyone know's about what happened with this mod and Burntstrobe. You all should know that the mod leader is new at this and that all this is a learning experience for him. Everyone makes mistakes.
Second, I see a lot of negative comments about this mod. If you feel that something is not satisfactory or is overdone, please post CONSTRUCTIVE comments. Nothing good will come out of comments like: "This mod fails." Or "What a pathetic mod". Please take some time to expand on what you're saying so the team can gain experience.

With that said, I'm hoping to see more respect.

On a side note, the leader is not at home this weekend so the update will be posted a little later this week.

mapayne - - 621 comments

Okay so you want and need some criticism. Well firstly, the mod concept. Traditionally all mods will follow a specific plan and whilst this one has been the story and setting don't sit right with the mod. Okay so yes. Using stock models is far easier than creating fresh models, but using stock isn't the answer. This mod certainly demands a more unique flavour to it. The title alone should dictate the mods exact content, and I still believe the storyline I sent megavin would have given much more credibility to the mods setting.

Thats the most likely reason your receiving such poor criticism. I mean, for pities sake. If your receiving bad or poor criticism now how will it go down when the mods released?? I gaurentee that unless something radical is done to the mods content that there will be nothing but complaints from the majority of those who try the mod.

The problem I've seen here is the mod team behind this just has a low amount of experience for this kind of, what I would term, large scale mad.

Yes. I know this sounds a little harsh but sometimes the reality is just that.

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xPearse - - 2,462 comments

Well when I saw the name of the mod I thought it would be a mod about earth under attack from an alien race, and to have nothing to do with star wars or even models from it.

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Illusion/Radiance Author
Illusion/Radiance - - 41 comments

Well, I'm thinking that we can release a "partial conversion" as was thought to be the "full release" and over time, take out every unit that was in vanilla or star wars. Do you guys think it'll get this mod more "likability"?

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mapayne - - 621 comments

IllusionMaze. I've sent you a pm. Feel free to pass it onto megavin if you wish, but it might help the mod somewhat, information wise.

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