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A nostaligic and yet modern look at the Myth series and what you can do with it...

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When I started slapping up some articles up here I thought a few people may take note. My nostalgic 16 year old side came out (swiftly handled by my more grown up 30 something self I hasten to add) and motivated a semi regular lot of uploads and articles and a few videos too.

I'm not the only one with good memories of such a game and series though, Ben's Nerdery Blog has some interesting words and thoughts in a look at creating games that is as much relavent today as it would have been back in 1998. On top of that he also has maps and information relavent for roleplayers, namely those with an interest in the Generic Universal Roleplay System for which there was a volume entitled GURPS Myth. You can find those bits and bobs at Ben's site and your local gaming shop should stock a copy of GURPS Myth if you want a copy.


Very interesting. I remember playing this game.

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