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Note to all members, any religious posts or News articles posted on this group will be deleted This s a science group, not a religious group. Thank you and hve a nice day

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Note to all members, any religious posts or News articles posted on this group will be deleted
This s a science group, not a religious group.This is not negotiable, No religion
This is as most of you know religion is not science, it is myth filled with magic and cannot be tested or proven or used as an excuse, proof, evidence or an explanation of any naturalistic event
so is not science and has no place in this group

I suggest using any of the number of religous groups, or if necessary start your own.

Thank you and hve a nice day


last time i checked the big bang, abiogenesis, evolution, etc. hasn't been 100% proven yet either.... so until someone tests those theories and proves that they are right i will be reluctant to believe in it:)

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Cervi_Messias Author

The nature of science is that NOTHING can be 100% certain.
but they are 99.999% they are correct
there is more evidence for evolution than gravity

and evolution, has been tested, abiogenesis has been shown to be possible and the big bang- all evidence shows its reslly the only option.
Its not like we are pulling this **** out of our *****- we take the evidence and then build he theories from there (which is the correct way, unlike religion)
and all religions have been shown to be full of magical thinking and specisl pleading-

You say you believe a religion without any evidence or reason to believe it
we gve you lots of evidence and reasons to believe in what science says but you wont believe it becasue you think that the thing with no evidence or reasons to believe it is better- this is quite literally the definition of close mindedness and delusion

What you have basically just said is,
"I don't believe in verified science, because I want magic to be real"

Its freakin nuts...

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And so is your god not 100% proven, or why do you think atheism exists? Because we so desperately need to deny your god? After all, the evidence count for any god is 0%, so the last chance for a "god" to be possible is in deism, where the deity does not interact with the natural world or at least not in a noticable way - at that point I could as well say invisble pink unicorn ponies are pulling the earth around the sun.

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After you die you will be sure 2000000% that he exists.

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