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Unfortunately I'm delaying the mod until blender is compatible with the current tools as they are made for 3DS Max 2018 and I have the 2020 version so I can't edit and export existing models or custom ones. Here's the changelog for the patch though and gameplay changes.

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Issues fixed:

  • Marine medic upgrade doesn't make marines unable to be trained now
  • Shade turrets can now be built properly
  • Arbiter no longer has blueish armour
  • Grizzly is now buildable
  • Hunter Majors are now trainable
  • Added creeps and building on skirmish maps now appear

Halo Wars Definitive Edition Sc 7

Gameplay changes:

  • All infantry now have double the range in garrison and cover
  • Doubled all garrison max contained so units like the spec ops elites can garrison and big garrisons like the pelicans can hold more units
  • Arbiter can heal himself in one second when out of combat
  • All brutes now regenerate health which takes from 7-10 seconds
  • Changed the costs of most units and upgrades
  • Locust acceleration nearly tripled and improved velocity and turnrate
  • Scarab's velocity decreased by about a third and decreased the turnrate
  • Sentinel aggressor's sentinel beam as been buffed a lot so it actually does damage
  • Wolverine's turn rate is halved to make it look more natural
  • Greatly decreased the scarab's range
  • Engineers have increased velocity
  • Can now only have three brute chieftains at once
  • Covenant infantry throw grenades more often
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