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My mod is finally released!

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The mod Call-In


Download it here

I'm finally done with the mod and I actually uploaded the files one day too early but I don't think that my mistaking of days made anyone disappointed. Someone might just had a big surprise when they logged in to ModDB that day.

Dock Control

I want to mention all the sites where I have learned how to map with source SDK from scratch:

The Valve Developer Community

And thank everyone who have watched the progress of the mod and supported me with comments and such. Much appreciated.

ProudOne - - 60 comments

I liked it! I was impressed with your mapping, especially the tower's wiring. Must have been a **** to get that right. Also, next time you make a mod hit me up for Voice Acting ;D

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Seaalisgonefromhere - - 986 comments

I bet he doesn't even have any people that will voice act for him. I doubt he'd voice act himself for a mod. Besides that,

This was great SO FAR! I saved at a part where you have to destory a helicopter and quited. I'm going to continue again sometime today. But when I finish the game, this will get a big time rating 10/10!!!!!

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Auxor - - 241 comments

Excellent mod, despite its short length. The section where you run away from the base into the swamp was probably one of the best bits of HL2 gameplay i've played for ages.

However it was a bit hit and miss. And it was obvious that your mapping ability improved massively by the final level. You probably should have gone back to your earlier ones and improved them. Also there were parts which felt a bit empty and boring with no enemies, so you should probably have put more in.

And the lack of voice acting was a bit crap, but to be honest its better to have no VA than a crap one. If you want someone to i'll be perfectly able to, PM me about it if you're releasing a V2

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DragonNOR - - 567 comments

I agree with what has been written above, the mapping, lighting and use of sound effects were all excellent, but it was a shame there was no voice overs to carry the story forward.
With a map this good you'd have no problems getting a decent VA or two who would be more than happy to help out.

I'd rate it eight out of ten. The two points lacking towards ten count for it being a bit on the short side (even though there's a satisfactory cliffhanger :) ) and the absence of custom voice overs.

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stelefx - - 2 comments

Great mod! Really reminds of HL2.

But I'm STUCK! I'm in the Combine base down with all the wiring and the 2 infected Combine soldiers and the force field. How do you get to the power cord thing through the unbreakable glass on the other side of the field??

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stelefx - - 2 comments

Aha - found the solution. I was playing in a bright room and it was hard to see the "hole" in the glass.

Great mod! I give it 9/10.

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