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Beta release this summer. Slightly rushed, but at least this mod won't be a dead source compilation on my computer anymore.

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Come this summer we plan to release the beta version of this mod. Mass feedback is expected, however flaming is not helpful. If you have something to say negative about the mod try saying it in a respectful way, and explain the issues you are experiencing. Also note that this is a early release so balance needs some major changes so feedback on this will be helpful. Also this image was pulled of the web here is the link.

Darkjolly - - 141 comments

Great..been waiting for this :)

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Cjslayer16 - - 987 comments

Poor Sovs look to be getting owned, But nice stuff! (:

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vileelf Author
vileelf - - 58 comments

I think sovs are balanced but japs may be up. Well see when we get some feedback though.

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HecticTanker - - 130 comments

I've set the release date to next Friday (June 17th, 2011). I feel we're about ready to release into 'beta'. We are currently satisfied with visual effects and are tweaking the audio.

We will have a section on the moddb forums (located on bar above) for reporting bugs, suggestions, etc.

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