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The release of my Tactical Shooter mod with details.

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A more tactical version of classic Max Payne, mostly for advanced players while still utilizing the scaling difficulty system.


  • Over the shoulder view
  • More powerful, integrated Bullet Time and Shootdodge
  • Max now carries three clips per weapon, four for his signature Beretta and also the Jackhammer, and one of every explosive, ammo in general is more scarce
  • Bullet damage, velocity and spread carefully adjusted; more focus on accuracy, and most if not all firearms hold their own to the last levels
  • Dodges, while still useful, don't ignore bullets anymore, however shootdodges can still be your way out of tight situations even without Bullet Time
  • Dual wielding is no longer on the "preferred weapons" list, because the shootouts are more cover based this time
  • A new crosshair while carrying painkillers, the amount of painkillers should be on Max's health bar like in Max Payne 3 and health also regenerates faster to keep the action going
  • Level Selector and Cool Weapon Sounds included


  • Max Payne with all available fixes, like the official 1.05 patch, the unofficial windows vista sound patch, a widescreen resolution like 1280x720 (else the hud and camera angles might be something else than intended)
  • Bullet Time and Shootdodge assigned to different keys, Bullet Time Aid enabled for the Shootdodge to begin correctly, even if you are required to be cautious and turn it off yourself once you think you are safe

Thanks to:

  • The Creator of Level Selector mod
  • The_Iceman for Cool Weapon Sounds
Guest - - 688,627 comments

The weapon sounds have horrible clipping especially the beretta which makes a shark painful noise whenever you shoot

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hevitonttu22 Author
hevitonttu22 - - 100 comments

Version 1.02 does away with the new Beretta sound which I somehow overlooked.

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