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Blind Boris released! This is a survival horror about blind person in locked hospice.

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Blind Boris is a survival horror about a blind person. The character arrives to the hospice and 2 weeks later strange things start to happen. Staff disappears, terrible sounds are heard outside, exit doors are tightly locked but aggressive visitors enter the building.

• The player sees what Boris knows, relying on smell, hearing and memory.
• Resources are limited, and they can be found by smell or specific sounds.
• The opponents are walking around the house, but the player does not know exactly where they are. Attacks are always sudden.
• Boris can defend himself, minimizing the damage.
• The game has a system for creating items from four resources.
• A player can make and use traps. Some will show the enemy for a short time, and some will stun him.
• When the enemy is trapped, he can be attacked directly.
• The main goal of the player is to get out of the house by opening five doors, so player have to explore hospice.
• Boris' memory is not stable and over time he will forget the architecture of the house, which will lead to the changes in locations.
• Boris takes meds to stabilize memory. Meds save the game.

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