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The new weapon textures pack is now out and ready for download.

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After a long time of preparations another part of mod is ready: this time it's weapons texture pack.

All weapon models available in game were retextured, either by heavy rework of source vanilla material or by creating completely new textures for them. All textures were made as to maximally improve graphics quality and to recreate the weapons as close to their real world counterparts as possible.

Texturing weapons took longest time. Since the game's models are typical for 2002, that is, quite low poly and with lots of corners cut, various important details (sights, ejection ports, manipulators, safeties, screws and bolts etc etc) must be all added manually on texture, instead of being modelled there in the first place. And of course, weapon textures require higher level of care and perfection, since those are models that in FPS games are visible most of the time, close to player's view, on enlarged models. Highest possible quality is needed for comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Let's look how the new work compares to original textures:

MP 40


Completely new texture with a lot of added details that were previously omitted. Note how much more similar to real world MP 40 the model becomes thanks to added details and readjusting colors. Areas previously only barely shaped to resemble the real MP are now properly drawn and brought out to life.


comparison Thompson

Thompson doesn't have newly made texture, instead, the original one was remade and recolored, with parts and details of real-life M1A1 Thompson added: stampings of patent and serial number, and the famous "bullet logo" of Auto Ordnance on top of receiver (not visible here)



Real world BARs were renowned for very high quality and care with which they were manufactured. New texture was made which recreates the proper blued finish of receiver made of heavy block of metal - which redefines the model and gives it unique look typical for that weapon in WWII. Previously neglected parts were properly textured, including charging handle, sights, trigger housing; and some forgotten details were added - among them disassembly lever and selectors. On top of the receiver the manufacturer's stamping of serial number was added.

StG 44


The "Sturmgewehr" was the first rifle that was mass produced using technique of stamping, which sped up production immensely. This gives the StG 44 it's distinct look of crude, industrial machinery, with visible reliefs of stamping and parts assembly. All details and look of sheet metal stamping were recreated in entirely new texture.

All the new weapon textures were made by reference of their real world counterparts. Here's few examples so you can compare it yourself:


comparison Kar98k


comparison BAR

StG 44:

comparison StG44

As always with the aim of this mod, the most important thing is to keep everything well connected and fitting to each other, creating a consistent and harmonious aesthetic. The textures are adjusted and prepared in such way to retain the color palette of the game environment - they don't stand out or conflict with the rest of the scenery.


For the rest of weapons showcase I invite you to the image gallery on mod page. That's it for now. Work is still in progress and we're not halting anything. The next patch will fix the bugs and inconsistencies reported by users, as well as adding previously unfinished textures (among them models for african SAS, french resistance and winter US coats, as well as finally implementing the script for variety of models in missions). Hope you like it, enjoy the game, and see you soon!



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