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Only about 1 week before launch on iOS/Android. Possibly PC/Mac versions if a website will allow us to sell.

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Hey guys! Thanks for checking in on us when you can.

We just put the finishing touches on Combat Cats..and have this lovely new trailer for everyone to see. (Sorry the quality is a little gritty, blame it on Camtasia not allowing for a higher resolution compression) --- The actual game looks crisp and clean, so don't worry!

In this trailer you can see there are a lot of new updates from the last time we uploaded a video. -- We've got a variety of aircraft, each with their own special power attacks.. Also there are more bosses added to the game, with interesting bubble spawning mechanics.. -- Oh yeah, and the bubbles. Probably the best part of the game at this point. We were trying to figure out what we could do to spice it up just a little bit more... Finally the bubble idea came up, and boy does it work well. It's that little extra challenge that really makes playing each level exciting.

We're really excited to get this in all of your hands! The game has grown a lot in the past couple of months. We can't wait to see what people think. -- So be on the look out, Combat Cats will be in the apple/google play stores within a few days.

This game will be fun on PC/Mac if we can make it through Greenlight or on Desura. We will probably be resubmitting through Greenlight, since the older video/screenshots seem to have not worked out as well for us. It seems like the Greenlight voters really want to see a completed product before giving it the "Yes" vote.

...but as for phones, a lot of the people who've gotten to test it said, this is a really addictive mobile game to play on the pot.

SGDjames - - 8 comments

I have been following this game ever since I came across it on Kickstarter and I'm stoked that the game is so close to release! It's nice to see a Kickstarter game come to fruition, and I'm really glad this game got funded. It looks like it's going to be such a blast!

Great job on the new trailer too. Frigging awesome job! You guys completely hit the nostalgic nail on the head with that.

I'm just curious, do you guys think you will have a press kit compiled for the game's release?

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CombatCats Author
CombatCats - - 7 comments

SGDjames! Thanks a ton, very excited to share this game with you and others.

We're putting together a press kit right now, and will be giving those out to reviewers very very soon. It will contain a couple different Combat Cat banners, screenshots, and a copy of the game to review for free.

We'll make an announcement in the next day or so about taking requests from reviewers who are interested in trying the game for free, and then writing an article about Combat Cats.

Thanks again!!

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syradinegames - - 20 comments

Good luck on the release!

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