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The entire Gemini is now finally at your fingertips. All of it! No more magically unconquerable territories. Everything is up for grabs with the latest 0.800 update that brings planetary and station assault as well as the fan-favorite improved boarding and capturing mechanics.

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Welcome to a different Gemini, captains.

As we announced in the recent upcoming changes announcement, there's a great deal of new things in today's update so let's get on with it...

Time for some planet-bustin'

Take over the planets of Gemini as you see fit. They can no longer magically resist your conquest. Have the Proxima on the ready and start collecting those marbles. Fifteen planets (not counting Phaeneros) are waiting for you to rule them with an iron fist. And this is only the beginning, the base layer of sorts. More variety and improvements can be expected with the next update. To take over planets you'll need...

...The Proxima!

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The most powerful destructive force in Gemini is now at your fingertips. You'll have to do some work to get to it, but it will be worth it!

I'll take that station, thank you

Bully the other factions into submission more than ever before! They have a station you want? Take it! ... Or don't... it's really up to you... We say Go for it!

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Return of the fan-favorite boarding

You liked boarding in our previous game? Great! Well, we've got something new for you today: boarding v2.0 is up and running! Time to make some on-site choices. Just target a ship and Deploy troops. The boys can then work their way up to the command bridge and capture the ship. Once you have control, you can freely decide what to do with your spoils of war: keep it for yourself, sell it off, scuttle it for resources, give it to your war fleets or let your scientists and engineers break it down into parts to learn how to recreate the ship themselves.

StarpointGeminiWarlords Screensh 4

Ask and ye shall receive! Behold the no-pause context menu!

I admit, it's not really a ground-breaking feature, but it was frequently requested. This is finally implemented and it is on by default. If you want things to be how they were, check the Options menu. We've got you covered.

The entire change-log is below, as usual.

And while we're at it, we've combined a video to celebrate a big milestone in Warlords production:

Until next time,

Safe travels and good hunting, captains!

Update v0.800 Change-log


  • Fixed an error with the Ram skill that could crash the game.
  • You'll no longer get stuck in a wormhole loop where you repeatedly pass through it.
  • In some cases, the auto-pilot wouldn't deactivate Sublight on time. Now it does.
  • In some cases, your war fleet forgot that the vast cosmos actually has the third axis and a garrison can be up or down. They will no longer get confused in such instances.
  • Sometimes, you couldn't access the Ship panel while using keyboard + mouse. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed several text-related errors with displaying objectives.
  • Fixed a number of errors and glitches on the Loot panel.
  • You can no longer collect loot while flying in Sublight. Using sublight uses up all the available power.
  • In several instances, it was possible that hostile ships decided to become friendly. No more. You're beating them up. They don't like that.
  • Fixed several actual errors and potential problems with the Salvage freelance job.
  • In some fringe cases, the repair stuck on 96% problem could still happen. This is the case no longer.
  • There were some instances where quest-related ships couldn't reach their destination, which could result in getting stuck in the prologue. These are now fixed.
  • Fixed an error where the video playback went nuts and started playing in-game commercials in the main menu background.
  • Fixed a number of errors that could lead to ships not receiving damage until a few seconds after they first appeared.
  • The suns are now properly named and displayed on the starchart.
  • Fixed a problem that would prevent plasma cannons from dealing any damage to NPCs. More precisely, the weapon couldn't hit the target at all.
  • Ship prices displayed in the Shipyard and in the Garage are now the same.
  • Sometimes the video commercials on Concordia decided not to play. They don't have the luxury of choice anymore.
  • There was a slight problem with the in-game camera. It was slightly tilted, but no longer.
  • Targetting T-Gates while using a controller is now working as intended.
  • In some cases, the enemies list of a faction could overlfow from the panel... and screen. This can no longer happen.
  • Fixed a lot of faulty scripts that would player sounds in the completely wrong place in the game world. You didn't have a chance to hear those sounds until now.
  • If you started a new game, cloaked up and then started new game again, your ship would be bugged up. This is no longer the case.
  • Heavy weapon hits now have corresponding impact SFX.
  • The load game screen no longer displays the keyname of the region, but rather its name.
  • In some cases, hitting an asteroid with a heavy weapon when the asteroid was already damaged, the asteroid mesh would not disappear. Now it does, as it should.
  • On the Ship->Equipment screen, if you had an empty slot selected, equipment hover tooltips wouldn't show. This is now rectified.
  • Fixed a couple of errors related to general bonuses that would prevent the displayed values from refreshing properly.
  • The targeting reticle now properly displays heavy weapon information.
  • Fixed an error that prevented SFX from playing in the Options panel when using a controller.
  • In some instances it was very difficult or impossible to merge two fleets that are too close to one another. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed an error related to the Jettison/Destroy actions that could bug up the entire panel, and game respectively.
  • You can no longer bug up Fire at will in combination with the Context menu, manifesting as continuous firing.
  • Fighters added to a wing via the Carrier-related perk are now properly placed in the wing formation, instead of all being in the same location.
  • Fixed a couple of errors with text formatting that prevented dynamic tokens from being displayed properly.
  • In some cases, NPC fleets wouldn't attack the player when he/she approached their garrison, but decided to loop around the garrison instead. This is now fixed.
  • The Credits you gain when you sell or trade in a ship is now equal.
  • Fixed a few errors in the Prologue. You had some weapons that weren't supposed to be there.
  • Heavy weapon hits can once again force-deactivate cloaking.
  • Saving and quicksaving is now disabled in some cases to prevent data corruption.
  • Changed a couple of code-checks to prevent hitting a ship shield from within (if that ship is non-hostile). If the ship is hostile, then you still hit the shield.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the OnFriendFoeChange script event from firing off when linked in ship templates. This now works as intended.
  • Fixed a visual bug related to using Power distribution while in Sublight and while using a controller. It all now works as intended.
  • There was a problem with playing Heavy weapon fire SFX. This is now fixed and sounds should play normally.
  • Fixed a number of minor errors and done some tweaks in Freelance jobs (Installation defense mostly).
  • Done various scripting fixes and tweaks.
  • Fixed a number of text typos.
  • When you deplete ammo of a heavy weapon, the reload indicator on the reticle will no longer show the reloading phase.


  • The entire territory of Gemini can now be conquered. No more magically unconquerable areas. Please check the below remarks.
  • You can now assault and conquer planets
    • To initiate planetary assault, you must have the Proxima built up and ready to go as it is an integral part of every planetary conquest.
    • To actually trigger assaulting a planet, just get to the locations marked on the Starchart (grey Proxima icon near planets) and the assault starts automatically.
    • If you just wanted to pass by, then simply continue on your merry way and the assault will shutdown.
    • The first type of planetary assault is implemented and used for all planets, but more variety will be implemented in future updates.
    • You MUST join the planetary assault to complete it. Your fleets CANNOT do it on their own.
    • All immediate objectives in the assault are clearly marked and displayed.
    • Progress can be monitored via objectives and notifications.
  • Stations can be assaulted and conquered
    • Stations are additionally guarded by defense platforms and shield generators (not to mention the defense fleets)
    • To take over a station, neutralize the platforms and the defense fleet
    • Some stations are zone controllers, which means you'll be getting the zone together with the station (these are marked as controllers on the starchart)
    • There are stations that aren't controllers. You can take these over as well, but they don't grant you control over the zone that they're located in.
    • Station assault progress can be monitored on the top-middle bar, while on-site.
  • You can now construct the largest badass in the game: the Proxima
    • Upgrading the HQ Hangar to the max, gives you the ability to construct the Proxima shipyard near the HQ
    • Constructing the Proxima shipyard unlocks the Proxima-related R&D projects
    • When all Proxima R&D projects are completed, the Proxima is finished and ready to be used for assaulting planets
  • Implemented a completely new boarding mechanics
    • Initiate boarding via the context menu, when a ship is locked on
    • The Radar in the bottom left is switched with the boarding panel
    • Boarding progress and player options are displayed there
    • Boarding progress is done by Advancing through rooms
    • You can decide what your troops will do in each room
    • Retreat commands your forces to get back to your ship
    • Pillage commands your forces to stay awhile and do a special action in the room (outcome depends on what room they're currently in)
    • Advance commands your forces to push forward into the next room. The end of course is the Command bridge, which if your troops tackle successfully, grants you control of the ship.
    • A troops overview can be seen in the Ship panel
    • Added a number of boarding-related Perks
    • Added a number of boarding-related Research techs
  • Once you capture a ship you can choose what to do with it
    • Let your guys take it to the Garage so you keep it for yourself
    • Sell it off on-site for Credits
    • Scuttle it for one-time Materials gain
    • Give the ship away to your fleets so they get to use it
    • Let your scientists play around with it, strip it down to the framework and reverse-engineer it and learn how you can construct the chassis.
      • The MK I version requires 2 captured chassis
      • The MK II version requires 5 captured chassis
      • You need to have the adequate Hangar level to be able to reverse-engineer ships
      • You need to have the appropriate Research tech completed to be able to reverse-engineer ships
  • Planets now grant resources
  • Stations now grant Credits (the numbers will be go through balancing as for now it is mostly symbolic)
  • Added ambiental particles in space (taking into account whether you're inside an asteroid field or not etc.)
  • Active pause added
    • the default state is that the game is NOT paused while the Context menu is open
    • added the option to toggle this feature in the options menu. Turn ON to pause game while context is open.
    • The paused state of the context menu now looks different.
  • Added the Shield generator structure and related child-objects
    • this structure is commonly used around stations
  • Changed the base sound system in the game to licensed FMOD
    • This is the ground-work for all sound-related changes and tweaks.
  • Some Artefact vaults now grant a Perk point. Perk points are granted retroactively as well, if you already resolved an artefact.
  • Available ships list can now be sorted by price or alphabetically. The default is by price.
  • A small exclusion zone is now marked on the Starchart, surrounding the stations of minor factions (those who don't control the zone).
  • Structures can now also be Marked as target.
  • Capturing a zone now triggers a special notification.
  • Implemented FMOD sound system.
  • Added additional VFX to the Commlink panel (the one in the top-left of the screen).
  • Added a bunch of loading screen hits (boarding, planet assault, station conquest, garrison assault...).
  • Some fleet commands issued via the starchart now come with their own sound effect.
  • Defense platforms can now hold and use heavy weapons.


  • First script cleanup is done. Scripts that have ran without a problem consistently through the last couple of update have been rid of the logging code to improve performance
  • Two Perks (and their upgraded variants) are eliminated from the game entirely
    • Trainer
    • Field commander
    • You can no longer receive the Field commander perks in the Prologue character creation.
  • The HQ Construction panel updated and improved.
  • Heavy weapons overhauled
    • Updated VFX
    • Updated SFX
    • Updated mechanics (you can evade projectiles manually)
    • You can use Decoys (equipment) to mislead heavy weapons into missing you. Decoys are available on Concordia, among other places.
  • Align to plane visuals upgraded
  • T-Drive VFX upgraded
  • Wormhole and TGate pass-through visuals and audio updated
  • Done some minor tweaks on the Starchart (this is still a work-in-progress and will receive more luvin')
  • One of asteroid fields in the Phaehana region is tweaked
  • Merging of two fleets is now more fluid and natural. They no longer jump or teleport in any way.
  • Extended the potential size of equipment description labels on the Ship panel. The text will no longer be cut off.
  • Update the visuals of a number of structures (added particles in most cases)
  • Using Align to plane no longer deactivates auto-pilot.
  • Log icons in the Main category are removed. They were getting in the way and there was no point to them.
  • You can no longer Jettison cargo while docked/landed. If you need the room, sell some cargo off.
  • Incoming heavy weapons are now marked, both while on and off the main viewport.
  • Purchasing a new ship will NOT transfer battery turrets you've had on the previous one. You will get the money you spent on upgrading the previous ship though.
  • When purchasing a new ship, both light and heavy weapons are transferred over to the new one. Whatever can't fit is stored in the Systems inventory.
  • Heavy weapons no longer aim for the center of the target, but a point on the hull.
  • Further tweaked friendly fire parameters to prevent fast alignment switches and extensive friendly fire damage. Especially on captured ships.
  • Fire at will is now ON by default.
  • Firing a heavy weapon in the vicinity of a station will no longer drop framerate to illogical levels.
  • While Steam controller is active and in focus, the Controls panel shows its own specific image.
  • Ships from your own faction now have absolute tolerance to you firing on them.
  • Shortcuts on the Station->Shipyard panel now work as planned.
  • Updated the Quick Start Guide
  • Defense platforms no longer have blindingly large explosions that cover the entire universe.
  • Changed several option names and removed a couple of (unused) options from the Launcher->Keybinding window.
  • Several things tweaked related to fleets and player on the Starchart
    • Right clicking on the player, set the player as the top priority.
    • Right-clicking on the player while a fleet is selected issues the Follow command.
    • Fleets following the player are no longer displayed on the Starchart.
  • Fire at will IQ upped and will do its best ot hit the nearest elligible target (not counting marked targets)
  • Using the Remove waypoint button on the Starchart no longer stops the ship dead in its tracks, if you don't actually have a waypoint set.
  • Equipment cooldown and Equipment recharge are now more visually distinct.
  • Reduced Gas collector construction requirement
    • You need to have Mining Ops level 1 (instead of 2)
  • If you have a ship Marked as target, using the Mark action on another ship no longer simply disables the flag on the first ship, but also marks the second ship as the new target.
  • Updated the GameLauncher to reflect the changes done to the config.


  • Updated the DialogueEditor for a more user-friendly workflow
  • one-liner dialogues now reference actors by keyname instead of integer

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