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The time is finally here to get your Final release of GC.

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Final release of Georgian Conflict

Yes that's right .3, why? Because we have added so many things that we can give it a full release instead of calling it a small patch. We are sorry for delaying the release but we had to make it bug free.

This is the final version of Georgian Conflict but it doesn't mean we are done. It means that we are going to expend the game play a little bit further. We are gonna be recruiting for other moders that willing to dedicate their time to Shattered Kavkaz.

This version includes these following changes:

-Added TU22m3
-Added T-72
-Added BMP 2
-Added Bmd 1
-Removed T-90
-Removed Btr-90
-Custom Effects
-Added Bereg A-222 Artillery for the Russian team
-Tweaked Weapon's Velocity
-Added Head Lights
-Added Mi-8
-Added Mi-8 Cargo
-Added cargo doors on Mi-8 and Mi-17
-Greater Explosive Radius
-New Custom Menu
-New Textures
-New Soldier
-New Tar-21
-New As Val
-New VSS
-New Login Menu
-New Russian AA gun
-New Granade

New Maps:
-GUlf Of Oman
-Bird's Nest
-Road Rage
-Strike at Karkand
-Mastuur City
-Zatar Wetlands
-Tale of the Forbidden City Night
-Caucaus Mountains
-Operation Road Rage
-Kubra Dam
-Operation Harvest

and much more.

Since this is a .zip file you will have to install it manually.

Open "My Computer" and follow this path:

C:/Program Files/EA Games/Battlefield 2/mods/

Open your GC file and extract the content to that directory above.

If you need help with installing this mod contact me.



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Tu22M3! Yay!

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What is the menu theme?

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