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Details of the release of version 0.01 and other stuff.

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The time has come for the far future to come to your PC's.

Tomorrow (sunday 29/11/17) at 3PM GMT I will be releasing the first version of the Men of Warhammer: Chaos Rising mod. Version 0.01 contains the basics for a battle between chaos and the imperium, including Space Marines, Imperial guard of various regiments, and Chaos Space Marines. It will also have a few custom maps by the Men of the Emperor mod team, and a few by me.

Please be aware that it is only in an alpha stage, and bugs and other issues may be present at launch. It does not currently contain any dedicated Chaos vehicles, and has only a selection of models at the moment, but I believe it is more important to get the first version out to you guys so you can have fun with it and offer your own input into the mod.

With that in mind, I am opening a forum which will be dedicated to bug reporting and suggestions, so please report any issues you have on that.

This mod will grow and expand as time goes on, up next are more vehicles for the Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, as well as Terminators. Once these have been completed, I will be moving onto the next race, the voting for which is still open on that article. Please offer your opinion on what you want to see first!

Thank you for supporting the mod

The Emperor Protects



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