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Changelog update & -version MOP beta 0.50 - JMod + v0.08 !

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*-----------------------version beta 0.50 - JMod + v0.08-----------------------*

Technical Changes and Bugfixes:
- Script CVar autosets changed: teamdamage now forced 1, compat_instantrespawn forced 0, cl_drawcoopinfo no longer forced 0
- Marine death skull deduction 6->2 (got real important again)
- Marine blackout on losing removed - served no point, and was possibly a bug
- Tweaked Puppeteer updating to counter

Balance Changes:
- Marine friendly fire back on with following changes: bfg damage decreased 0.2->0.15, rocket damage decreased 0.3->0.25
- Marine BFG 10K ammo use increased 5->10, damage decreased 160->150, kickback decreased 100->50, ammo given increased 30->50
- Lost Soul (Master) given damage reduction from marine attacks (20%)
- Double Chaingunner (Monster) puff damage decreased 5->4, overheat limit increased 60->75
- Cyberdemon (Master) overheat tweaked - can fire one more salvo before overheating, can move despite overheating, overheating should be smoother but slower

JMod + Changes:
- (Balance) Marine Railgun friendly fire decreased 0.06->0.05
- (Balance) Cyber Annihilator (Master) performance tweaked
* Now fires rockets and seekers in a 2-2-2 pattern, can fire 3 salvos before overheat, can move despite overheating, overheating should be smoother but slower
- (Both!) Possessed Barrel tweaked
* Attack function changed - should no longer penalize puppeteers
* Hopefully squashed rare bug making depossessed, respawned barrels unpossessable
* Damage type changed to Slime (no damage v puppeteers) - unpossessed barrels unchanged
* Animation rate decreased 4->6, now indistinguishable from regular barrels
* Movement speed increased 0.1->0.2, Jump height decreased 10->8, damage reduction from marine attacks added (30%)
* Initial barrels should no longer respawn if sv_barrelrespawn is 0 and they were possessed, not destroyed

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